2011 NFL Week 11 Fantasy Football – Diamonds and Not So Rough

It’s time for Week 11 edition of my Diamonds and Not So Rough column. Looking back at Week 10 it was not a good week for my Diamonds, but a winning week for my Not So Rough players. Only one of my Diamonds hit the 15 point mark which was only good for 20%, while four of My Not So Rough players scored under 20 points which was good for 80%.

Week 10 Diamonds (20% wins):

  • WR Earl Bennett came up just short with 11.1 points against the Lions.
  • RB Pierre Thomas had a totally disappointing game scoring only 4.8 points and handing me another loss.
  • TE Owen Daniels disappeared again and managed only three catches and 6/1 points.
  • WR Jordy Nelson scored twice and his 20.8 points gave me my only winning Diamonds call of the week.
  • RB Willis McGahee was injured on his fourth carry of the game and piled up only 1.7 points ending my week at 1-4 for my Diamonds.

Week 10 Not So Rough (80% wins):

  • WR Marques Colston gave me a scare as a touchdown would have pushed him over 20 points. His 15.3 points made me a winner with this pick.
  • QB Tom Brady destroyed the weak Jets defense and scored 31.36 points handing me my only Not So Rough player loss for the week.
  • RB Fred Jackson was shutdown as I expected and his 12.5 score made me a winner.
  • WR Mike Wallace struggled against the Bengals and his 11.5 points gave me my third winner of the week.
  • WR Dewayne Bowe was shutdown even more than I expected by CB Champ Bailey and Bowe’s 2.7 points made me the easiest of winners.

As a reminder, the scoring system I will use to grade my performance is this:

  • All touchdowns 6 points
  • .04 point per yard passing
  • .1 per yard for rushing/receiving,
  • points per receptions > .25 RB/.50 WR/1.00 all others;
  • -1 per interception
  • -3 for interception return for TDs (also known as pick sixes).

Also to remind the readers for the Diamonds I’m looking for a 60% success ratio and I’m looking for the same 60% for the Not So Rough players. A Diamond must score at least 15 points in the scoring system listed above while a Not So Rough player must score under 20 to be considered a success.

So without further adieu here are my Week 11 picks for Diamonds:

Aaron Hernandez TE New England Patriots

This is the week both Patriots tight ends break loose against the Chiefs defense on Monday night. Hernandez is looking at eight catches 80 yards and a touchdown or 22 points.

Matt Hasselbeck QB Tennessee Titans

The Falcons defense will focus on stopping Titans RB Chris Johnson and Hasselbeck will take advantage of that situation throwing for 250 yards and two touchdowns or 22 points.

Cam Newton QB Carolina Panthers

RookieNewtonstruggled last week against the Titans defense, but this week it’s the Lions secondary. The Panthers will be playing from behind all day andNewtonwill hit 300 total yards and two touchdowns easily smashing the 15 point mark.

Vernon Davis TE San   Francisco 49ers

Yes, the Cardinals struggle to cover the tight end and yes they really struggle to cover All Pro Tight Ends.Daviswill be Alex Smith’s favorite target this week so look for seven catches, 90 yards and one, maybe two touchdowns. 22 points seems to be the theme this week.

Reggie Bush RB Miami Dolphins

Never thought I would utter the words Reggie Bush on this blog space, but after a few good games I have to give him his due. Add in the fact it’s the Bills defense and Reggie scores another touchdown and adds over 100 total yards to break the 15 point barrier.

Now for the Not So Roughs:

Phillip Rivers QB San Diego Chargers

Yes, the Chargers are way out of synch. A matchup on the road with the Bears defense and with several of his offensive linemen missing will do nothing to fix Rivers’ ailments. 200 yards, two touchdowns and three more picks. 17 points is short of the needed 20.

Vincent Jackson WR San Diego Chargers

See Rivers right above for the explanation of why VJ is on this list. VJ will catch five balls for about 80 yards and a score. That equates to only 16.5 points which is under 20.

Roddy White WR Atlanta Falcons

He’ll most likely be playing this game without receiving mate Julio Jones which means more double teams against Roddy. Couple that fact with theTennesseedefense and it’s obvious Roddy is not a good play this week as he scores well under 20 points. Four catches for 40 yards and a touchdown is only 12 points.

DeSean Jackson WR Philadelphia Eagles

Sure he’ll be out to prove something this week after last week’s missed meeting and sitting out the Week 10 game. Problem is twofold, he’ll most likely be without QB Mike Vick and he faces a good Giants defense. Looks for a stat line right about the same as Roddy White above. Oh yes, mix in the fact that WR Jeremy Maclin will probably be out too and this is an easy pick.

DeWayne Bowe WR Kansas City Chiefs

Yes he’s a repeat offender on this list. No, he’s not facing the Broncos defense and Champ Bailey this week and yes the Patriots defense has been burned over and over again this year. Problem for Bowe this week is at quarterback where he will have Tyler Palko throwing to him Monday night.    He’ll improve from last week, but not come anywhere the 20 point mark this week.