CFB 2012 – Week 13 “Seven Out”, Part II

After a very Colin-esque, mediocre 1-1 start to the week, I attempt to finish off the “Seven Out” with a 2-2-1 record. Good luck!

Michigan @ Ohio State (-4.0, O/U 54.0) – Ask yourself this question – “Do you trust your money in the hands of Brady Hoke?” Me neither. Throw in the reality the Wolverines have nothing to play for. Meanwhile, the Buckeyes still have the undefeated season alive, as well as the ability to play this victim card, “woe is us, we went undefeated but the big, bad NCAA keep us out of our title shot.”

Play: Ohio State -4.0

Notre Dame (-5.0, O/U 46.0) @ USC – Trust me, there is no bigger fan of the Trojans this week than me as the thought of an Alabama/Notre Dame BCS title game, makes me want to puke. Unfortunately, I sat through the USC/UCLA game last week, if Lane Kiffen’s bunch can’t fight back when punked by their cross-town rivals, will they fight back against a significantly better Irish team? I highly doubt it. Plus, the Trojans will not have Matt Barkley, but they still have those atrocious offensive and defensive lines.

Actually, this game could be a adjusted line play of the day – Notre Dame -10.5 at +165. Translation, it won’t be close.

Play: Notre Dame -5.0

Stanford (-3.0, O/U 51.5) @ UCLA– I am not so sure Stanford wouldn’t be favored in this game even if the Bruins had some incentive to win this game. What a spot for the Bruins, huh? If they beat Stanford, they get a trip to Eugene and a date with the Ducks. No thanks, right, Coach Mora?

Lose to Stanford, and the Bruins head to Palo Alto to face the Cardinal next week. A Cardinal team that will show plenty today in a an effort to beat the Bruins, while UCLA can play a vanilla game, rest some dinged players and gear up for the Pac-12 title game.

The choice seems obvious, right?

Play: Stanford -3.0

Wisconsin @ Penn State (-2.5, O/U 45.0) – Wisky is in a similar position as UCLA this week, while Penn State has brought it each week of this season, despite the black cloud and, quite possibly, unfair bias against them. In what should be a close game, give me the team with more motivation.

Play: Penn State -2.5

Florida @ Florida State (-7.0, 42.5) – Sure, I over-value the SEC, but come on, why is Florida State favored by a touchdown in this game?

Play: Florida +7.0

Best of luck this week!

Note: I use the LVH Lines from

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