CFB Week 04 “Seven Out”

How bad is the following scenario – you’re staring 0-7 dead in the eyes, until a garbage touchdown turns a loss into a win and another team barely hangs on for the cover despite being the benefactor of three missed field goals and four turnovers. I actually felt good about going 2-5. That’s bad, really bad. But at least I am not mediocre. Mediocre would allow the “vig” to grind away at one’s bankroll. At least I am serious fade material at a health 9-4-1 on the young year. So, in a sense I am providing a valuable service by calling losers! It doesn’t come off the tongue quite like “calling winners”, however!

I admit that I am a bit clueless when it comes to college. I am looking for value, which doesn’t seem to apply to college football. It’s little like riding a bike where I might only have a few square inches of skin left, but I refuse to give up. I will learn to ride this bike!

Kentucky @ Florida (-24, O/U 52) – Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, just last week you gave us Wake Forest +27 over Florida State. And that game was over by halftime as Wake’s defense and special teams attempted to set an NCAA record for most 80+ yard touchdowns. That obviously turned out poorly. But here is the case for Kentucky: Florida is coming off back-to-back huge, emotionally charged, nationally televised games (A&M and Tennessee), with LSU up next. This is a classic trap game. And you know what? Trap games is college are still legit plays. At least I think that is the case.

Play: Kentucky +24

Utah @ Arizona State (-6, O/U50) – The Utes played poorly last week, yet got the several breaks to beat BYU. ASU played decent, yet everything went against them, including some brutal officiating. ASU’s defense is legit. Easiest call of the week, this game will not be close.

Play: Arizona State -6.0

Colin’s 2012 CFB Record

Last Week: 2-5 (-3.5 units)

Season to date: 4-9-1 (-5.9 units)


California @ USC (-16.5, O/U 58) – USC is pissed about losing to Stanford, so much so that they will exact revenge by the Cardinal Bay-area brothers. Isn’t that what we all think? I’m not sure I am jumping on that bandwagon, for a few reasons – 1. I believe SC will suffer a serious hangover after the Stanford game, meaning they might not be fully recovered from watching their BCS dreams go up in smoke; 2. This California team has play-makers. They went to Columbus and probably should have come away with a win; and 3. SC might be the Tiger Woods/Mike Tyson, with the probation being the fall and now, instead of trembling with fear prior to stepping on the field with USC, teams are confident and ready to smack the Trojans in the mouth.

Play: California +16.5

Temple @ Penn State (-7.5, O/U 43.5) – Temple is pissed that they are getting points from this joke of a team. Trust me, Penn State is not back because they whacked an inferior Navy team.

Play: Temple +7.5

Oregon State @ UCLA (-7.0, 51.5) – I’ve done a significant amount of research on NCAA football and generally a letdown game happens two weeks after a huge win. UCLA beat a stellar BIG10 team two weeks ago and destroyed an over-matched Houston team last week. This would be the spot for a letdown even though that BIG10 team is a complete joke.

Let’s expand on that BIG10 team the Bruins man-handled two weeks ago, those bad-ass Huskers from Lincoln, Nebraska with seemingly a zillion clueless fans across this country. How clueless are the members of the “Cornation”? I had a Husker fan tell me the following a couple days ago about the UCLA game and the program in general: 1. That the Huskers defense was on the field too much in that game against the Bruins and they got tired. Uh, ok, but they gave up 24 first half points, they couldn’t tackle on the opening drive; 2. In response to me telling him the Huskers are completely irrelevant on the national scene, “They will come back around, that’s how it works in college football.” Uh, yeah, tell that to Minnesota; and 3. “The BIG10 is really, really tough!” To which I responded, “Yeah, but I think we saw how tough when Bama handled Michigan.” “That was early.” Um, ok! You see why #BoMustGo will never happen, because these Huskers fans have their collective heads up their buried in the sand!

Look the Bruins are not going to cover every game. And I told you two weeks ago the Beaver team is legit, one of the few things I was right about.

Play: Oregon State +7.0

LSU (-20.5, 48.5) @ Auburn –Full disclosure – I am 0-5 in totals on the season. So, I am due.

Play: Under 48.5

UTEP @ Wisconsin (-18.0, O/U 51) –This seems simple to me – a change at quarterback will lead higher energy and more points. Does 38-20 seem out of line? Not at all, in fact book that score right there.

Play: Over 51.0



One thought on “CFB Week 04 “Seven Out”

  1. were u vegas for that draft this weekend? anyway i made a few bets at the sportsbook won the moneyline on k state over okla but only won 60 lost clemson fla state moneline pick oh yeah lost quite a bit at the tables i have enough cash left to pay economy parking. oh yeah and i dipped into additional in my normal attempt to get it back. that failed. i have to putut some back before my wife gets wind that our tax refund from last year is a little lighter than expected. this isnt a private posting is it. i forgot what goes in vegas stays in vegas. that last part about about me dipping into the tax refund, i made that up and was just joking.

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