2011 NFL – Week 16 Picks, Thursday Edition

Houston (-6.0) @ Indianapolis – I am still perfect (5-0) on Thursday night NFL games played on a non-holiday in a state other than Pennsylvania. And tonight is the bottom of the ninth, the last Thursday night game of the NFL season, the last chance for my perfecto to be ruined. How big is this game? Over the last few hours, no one will sit next to me and I seen several Tweets directing people to the “interesting situation” happening on this blog site.

Juana’s Pick – Houston -6.0

Megan’s Pick – Houston -6.0

G-Dub – Indianapolis +6.0

Believe me Jim Caldwell would love to be the coach who breaks up the perfecto, after all I have more than a few times wondered on this very blog if Caldwell was an cardboard cutout as opposed to a human. I’ve questioned if a cardboard cutout could do a better job of coaching the Colts than Caldwell. I’ve ripped his thoughtless, incoherent post-game speeches. And I’ve won rather large sums of money betting on game props involving Caldwell, for example, I took under 48 on the number Caldwell heart beats per minute before a 4th down, game deciding play. Note some people may considered that a admirable quality that he can stay “calm under pressure”, but I think it is more indicative of a “comatose under the sky” personality.

So, yeah there is no love lost between the two of us, but it’s my destiny to call this game correct tonight and Jim Caldwell cannot and will not intervene. The pick – Houston, Not. Even. Close.

Here are six logical points backing up my pick:

  • Andrew Luck – The Colts want him, therefore they can’t get carried away trying to win more games. I realize the Colts players do not seriously consider next April’s draft position when preparing for a game, so it’s hard to imagine that they will tank or Suck for Luck. At the very least I see their motivation lacking in this game because they desperately wanted to win a game – check, goal accomplished.
  • Rivals – The Texans hate the Colts. They relish the opportunity to beat them with or without Peyton Manning. It takes a few years to undo the damage the Colts have inflicted on the Texans.
  • Value – If I gave you a free three points that you could use on any game this weekend wouldn’t tell me that “you can’t lose” on that game. Well, this game features a three point line movement because the Titans Muchak’d their pants last weekend and the Texans slept-walked through their game against Carolina. For the Texans that is excusable considering they were coming off the playoff clinching week; oh by the way their first playoff berth in franchise history. Yup, last week I would’ve had to lay 9 points to take the Texans. Tonight it’s six! “I can’t lose!”
  • X’s and O’s – The Texans defense struggled last week against Cam Newton. I know Can Newton and Dan Orlovsky is no Cam Newton. On the flip side, Arian Foster should have a field day against the Colts porous run defense. Run the ball and play defense, hmm, interesting concept.
  • Playoff Seeding – What would a first round bye do for the Texans? Well, it would give Andre Johnson one more week of rest. More importantly, it would take them out of a potentially bad matchup against the Jets in the first round. Don’t think Kubiak won’t push hard to win the last two games and get out of that #3 position.
  • Wade Phillips – Win one this one for Wade! Phillips, who has been out after having a procedure (initially we only knew that, according to Wade, we could rule out a vasectomy; I dumped a fair amount on “breast reduction surgery” at even money procedure. &*%$!) on his gall bladder. Interim DC Reggie Herring called plays last week and was, to say the least, a bit over-matched. But rumor has it that he plans on giving the players the “We’re not sure Wade’s going to make it through this, but his last words were – Win (by more than a touchdown)!”

Pick: Houston -6.0


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