NFL 2011 – Week 15 Picks, Thursday Edition

Jacksonville @ Atlanta (-13.5) – I put my undefeated non-holiday, game played anywhere but Pennsylvania Thursday night record (4-0) on the line tonight!

I got burned last week playing the heavy favorite, so I refuse make the same mistake twice. But then I play the game out in my mind and I see the Falcons stout run defense shutting down MJD, which leaves the game in the hands of Blaine Gabbert. Knowing that, about the most I can see the Jaguars putting on the scoreboard is 14 points.

So, I need 28 points by the Falcons, in a game they cannot afford to lose. They’re a different team at home with the turf and the energy in the dome.

Still, I felt like this game was a toss-up, so I went “next level” with the pick. Thanks to the Sportsbook Spy provided by one of the best sites on the web, Pregame.Com, I was able to glean the following –the current split on the game is exactly 50-50. So, you ask, what could you possible discern from those numbers that would be a clue as to the outcome of the game. That’s true, the Books have a dream match-up, they watch and regardless of the outcome they collect max juice. I agree, but my question is – why has the number moved from 10.5 to 13.5? The opens a very real middle at 11 or 13 points, which if the game fell in middle that would be the equivalent of getting what happen to Derek Vinyard in the prison shower. That won’t happen – sharp money moved the line. And I will take my chances on the sharp side.

Pick: Atlanta -13.5

Juana’s Pick – Jacksonville +13.5

Megan’s Pick – Jacksonville +13.5

G-Dub – Atlanta -13.5


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