NFL 2011 – Week 13 Picks, Thursday Night Edition

Philadelphia (-3.0) at Seattle – Here is a quick breakdown of the Eagles and Seahawks. First here are the reasons to pick the Seahawks:

  • The Eagles are coming off the season killing loss to the Patriots, meaning the Eagles are not going to the playoffs and further proves that they are closer to the bottom of the NFL than the elite.
  • The Eagles are traveling across the country on a short week to play a team with a rabid home crowd and Vince Young is their starter.
  • DeSean Jackson hated playing in Washington when he was a member of the California Golden Bears. Look it up, it’s true.
  • The Redskins played in Seattle last week as 4 point underdogs; Philadelphia is a 3 point favorite. So, the difference between Philadelphia and Washington is 7 points! Really? The difference wasn’t that much when the Eagles had Vick and were still known as the about to turn it on “dream team”. Translation – Great Value.
  • Did I mention the rabid 12th man? Did I mention the rabid 12th man after a day of drinking Starbuck’s spiked with Bailey’s and Frangelico?
  • The Seahawks are a pesky team, with a decent defense and a beast of a running back.

Now for the reasons to pick the Eagles:

  • ” ”

Exactly! Remember I am 3-0 on non-holiday Thursdays.

Pick: Seattle +3.0

Juana Wynner’s pick: Philadelphia -3.0

Megan Wynner’s pick: Seattle +3.0

G-Dub’s pick: Philadelphia -3.0


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