NFL Week 11 – Thursday Night Edition

If you have followed my picks this season, you either reading this from a public library because you were forced to sell your computer in an effort to avoid eviction or you’ve done the smart thing by fading me, in which case you’re probably about to pay off the 80-foot Yacht you put on lay-a-way back in September. Despite Colin’s miserable season he can boast about the following fact – he is undefeated on Thursday nights! That’s right baby, 2-0! Here comes the promo:

“I am a documented 2-0 in the NFL on Thursday nights. And now I have my Thursday night POTE – “play of the eternity” available to you by calling 1-800-THRSDAY.

Hey, that’s catchy! In fact, after doing some modest research, I can come up with a few more:

“Since November 1st, I am 3-0 picking teams from the state of Florida with the first initial of ‘M’ or ‘J’; now this system presents to us the strongest play to date – guaranteed to win!”

“Colin Wynner calls the Monday night winners! Colin is 7-3 in the first Monday night game of the week! 70%!”

“When playing teams not named San Diego in the Sunday late afternoon games in odd months, Colin is an amazing 13-4-2 ATS. And he has four of those plays for this weekend queued up, awaiting your credit card – a guaranteed 3-1, but Colin won’t stop at a mere 75%, if he doesn’t hit all four the rest of Week 11 is free. FREE!”

NY Jets (-6.0) @ Denver:

History: Last season the Jets laid an egg the week after they were humbled by the Patriots the prior week. And that was at home to the Dolphins – imagine having to cross the country, on a short week and play a gimmick offense, not fun! In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jets season completely crashed from this point forward. Look, I am certainly not a professional athlete, but I know how demoralized I would be after having a chance stomp on the throat of my most hated rival. Not only that, but the reality is they will once again have to win three road playoff games with Sanchez.

Advantage: Denver

My Numbers: My numbers strongly favor the Jets in this game and rightfully so, the Jets are the better team and the best unit on the field tonight will be the Jets defense. So, if this game was a pick’em, give me the Jets, but giving six points, no thanks!

Advantage: Denver

Teenage Girl Logic: I have a friend who has a friend who is dating a guy whose dad is a huge Jet fan. Anyway, my friend says that this guy is a real douche-bag and I think it’s probably because he is a fan of the Jets.

Advantage: Denver

Meagan’s Pick – Denver +6.0

Juana’s Pick – Denver +6.0

G-Dub’s Pick – NY Jets -6.0


Colin’s Logic: When I play this game out in my mind, I see the following: the Jets forcing Tebow to throw, which he cannot; the Jets picking up at least one defensive touchdown; the Broncos looking more like they did against the Lions than against the Chiefs or Raiders. Advantage: Jets.

But then I think about the randomness of defensive touchdowns and wonder if the Jets don’t get at least one of those fluke TDs, do they have enough fire-power to cover a six point spread? Sure it’s only a touchdown, but keep in mind Tebow that will never stop trying to compete. It’s what the Donkey fans love about him; and it is what gives investors comfort when speculating on whether or not to purchase Broncos +6 stock.

Pick: Denver +6.0


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