2011 NFL Week Ten Fantasy Football – Diamonds and Not So Rough

It’s time for Week 10 edition of my Diamonds and Not So Rough column. Looking back at Week 9 it was not a good week for my Diamonds, but a winning week for my Not So Rough players. Two of my Diamonds hit the 15 point mark which was only good for 40%, while four of My Not So Rough players scored under 20 points which was good for 80%.

Week 9 Diamonds (40% wins):

  • Eli Manning rallied late against the Patriots and wound up with 22.10 points.
  • Shonn Greene struggled most of his game and wound up with only 7.6 points.
  • Brent Celek came close Monday night, but his 13.00 points made me a loser.
  • I expected Beanie Wells to run wild against the Rams but 3.8 points left me as a
    big loser on this pick.
  • Jake Ballard was able to get me to 40% winners with his late touchdown grab against
    the Patriots that had him scoring a total of 16.7 points.

Week 9 Not So Rough (80% wins):

  • I was fairly close on Anquan Boldin’s stats and his 12.30 points gave me an easy
  • Plaxico Burress returned to earth with only 10.4 points giving me another easy win.
  • Vincent Jackson went crazy on Week 9 and his 35.6 points gave me my only Not So Rough
    loss of the week.
  • Steve Johnson struggled with the Jets as I expected and his 8.8 points made me an
    easy winner.
  • Michael Bush came very, very close to handing me another loss, but in any mathematical
    system 19.4 points is still less than our 20 point target.

As a reminder, the scoring system I will use to grade my performance is this:

  • All touchdowns 6 points
  • .04 point per yard passing
  • .1 per yard for rushing/receiving,
  • points per receptions > .25 RB/.50 WR/1.00 all others;
  • -1 per interception
  • -3 for interception return for TDs (also known as pick sixes).

Also to remind the readers for the Diamonds I’m looking for a 60% success ratio and I’m looking for the same 60% for the Not So Rough players. A Diamond must score at least 15 points in the scoring system listed above while a Not So Rough player must score under 20 to be considered a success. This week there are no bye weeks for the first time since Week 4.

So without further adieu here are my Week 10 picks for Diamonds:

Earl Bennett WR Chicago Bears

Normally I don’t like to jump on the “flavor of the week” but Bennett has two major things going for him this week: chemistry with his quarterback and a matchup with the Lions secondary. Look for Bennett to post 6 catches, 85 yards and a touchdown which adds up to 17.5 points.

Pierre Thomas RB New Orleans Saints

Yes Mark Ingram is expected back this week, but at the same time Thomas’ other vulture, Christopher Ivory may sit out. Atlanta is tough to run on, but Thomas can be involved in the passing game too. 110 total yards, a touchdown and 6 catches equals 20 points for Thomas and a win for me.

Owen Daniels TE Houston Texans

Most of us thought with WR Andre Johnson out Daniels would explode but he has not. A matchup with a Buccaneers that can’t cover tight ends will change that this week. 8 catches 100 yards and a touchdown gives Daniels 24 points.

Jordy Nelson WR Green Bay Packers

It’s certainly hard to take a Packers wide receiver with all the weapons at QB Aaron Rodgers’ disposal, but a matchup Monday night against a weak Vikings secondary is just what the doctor ordered.
4 catches, two touchdowns (one long, one short) and 105 yards give Nelson 24.5 points.

Willis McGahee RB Denver Broncos

Very strong game for McGahee on his return last week and there is no reason for me to think a matchup against the Chiefs defense will stop him from rolling this week. Willis will pile on another 100 yards this week and with another end zone visit he winds up with 16 points.

Now for the Not So Roughs:

Marques Colston WR New Orleans Saints

Another QB, Drew Brees, with a lot of weapons. Lance Moore may sit which could add to Colston’s stats but regardless I think he gets held down this week in Atlanta. Six catches for 80 yards as his 11 points fall well below my 20 point winning target.

Tom Brady QB New England Patriots

Hard to put a player of Brady’s stature on this list, but I think his struggles continue this week against the Revis led Jets. He will still manage 225 yards, and two touchdowns, but he’ll toss a pair of interceptions. 19 points is a good game, but not quite the 20 he needs to beat me.

Fred Jackson RB Buffalo Bills

Another name that’s hard to put on this list, but his matchup with the Cowboys will certainly be a challenging one. 140 total yards with 4 catches is only 15 points and not enough to top the magic 20 point barrier.

Mike Wallace WR Pittsburgh Steelers

Another tough name to add to this list, but the Bengals secondary plays solid cover defense. Despite his well known speed, Wallace will struggle to put up numbers this week. He’ll score a touchdown, but six catches for 75 yards is only 16.5 points.

DeWayne Bowe WR Kansas City Chiefs

He’s getting old, but he can still cover as Bowe will find out this week when he’s matched up against CB Champ Bailey of the Broncos. Four catches for 60 yards and a touchdown is only 14 points and another win for me.

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