2011 NFL Week Nine Fantasy Football – Diamonds and Not So Rough

Week 9 of the Diamonds and Not So Rough column is here. I finally had a winning week
on both sides of the equation in Week 8. It was nice to see some high scoring
scores from my Diamonds for a change.

Week 8 Recap:

Week 8 Diamonds (60% wins):

  • Antonio Brown of the Steelers had one touchdown and nine catches for 67 yards or a
    total of 17.20 points to eclipse the 15 point mark.
  • Fred Davis waited until the final meaningless Redskins drive to get busy but he broke
    the 15 point mark with eight catches, 94 yards or 17.40 points.
  • Tim Tebow looked horrible again and barely eclipsed the 15 point mark, but a winner
    is a winner and Tebow’s 15.18 points made me a winner.
  • Ryan Mathews of the Chargers came close with 12.70 points and a third quarter
    groin injury cost him most of the fourth quarter and overtime. He was
    under 15 points so a loss for me.
  • Jeremy Maclin had an early touchdown, but at the end of the day his three catches
    for 54 yards only equaled 12.90 points handing me another loss.

Week8 Not So Rough (80% wins):

  • Ryan Torain pitched in with another pathetic effort with 14 yards rushing and one
    catch for six yards. At the end of the day his 2.25 points made me the
    easiest of winner.
  • Bernard Scott filled in for the suspended Cedrick Benson and put up numbers close
    to Benson’s average. 76 yards rushing and three catches or a total of 8.35
  • QB Ryan Fitzpatrick was my only loss even though I came extremely close on
    predicting his weekly stats. 262 passing yards, one interception and two
    passing touchdowns resulted in 21.88 points or a loss for me.
  • TE Jimmy Graham and the hapless Week 8 Saints made me the easiest of winners.
    Graham only had four catches for 39 yards and zero touchdowns. In our
    rules that only equals 7.90 points.
  • TE Vernon Davis also made me an easy winner as he only had three catches for 27
    yards or 5.70 points.

As a reminder, the scoring system I will use to grade my performance is this:

  • Alltouchdowns 6 points
  • .04 point per yard passing
  • .1 per yard for rushing/receiving,
  • points per receptions > .25 RB/.50 WR/1.00 all others;
  • -1 per interception
  • -3 for interception return for TDs (also known as pick sixes).

Also to remind the readers for the Diamonds I’m looking for a 60% success ratio and
I’m looking for the same 60% for the Not So Rough players. A Diamond must score
at least 15 points in the scoring system listed above while a Not So Rough
player must score under 20 to be considered a success.

Now it’s time to look at the Week 9 Diamonds:

Shonn Greene RB New York Jets – Greene gets a Week 9 matchup with the Bills run
defense. Although they are a little tougher at home, they still struggle to
stop the run. Greene always appears to be on the verge of a breakout week and I
think is the week. 135 total yards and a touchdown equals 20 points when you
add in a few catches.

Brent Celek TE Philadelphia Eagles – Celek has become a favorite target of QB
Mike Vick and although he’s a little banged up I look for Celek to have another
nice game against the Bears this week. The Bears struggles covering the tight
end will show up this week and Celek will grab 6 catches for 75 yards and a
touchdown which will equal 19.75 points.

Beanie Wells RB Arizona Cardinals – Beanie is another player that is out on
the field not at 100%. Thanks to a matchup with the Rams defense it won’t
matter. Beanie will shred the Rams defense for 120 total yards and two
touchdowns for a total of 24 points.

Jake Ballard TE New York Giants – Ballard draws
the weak New England secondary this week and it will do nothing but help him.
Heath Miller of the Steelers was on target for 40 catches in one game last week
as the Patriots allowed him four catches in the first two minutes of the game.
Ballard goes for 6 catches, 66 yards and one touchdown for a total of 18.6

Eli Manning QB New York Giants – Again all about the matchups and Eli
draws the weak Patriots secondary. 300 yards passing and two touchdowns are not
out of the question. Mix in the requisite two interceptions and Eli still
scores 22 points.

Now for the Not So Roughs:

Anquan Boldin WR Baltimore Ravens – Everyone is jumping on the Boldin bandwagon
after last week’s game, but sadly for him he only gets to play the Cardinals
secondary once this year and that was last week. Although the Steelers defense
is not what it used to be it’s still much better than the Cardinals. A more
pedestrian 6 for 80 or 11 points for Boldin this week.

Plaxico Burress WR New York Jets – Another bandwagon player who put up three touchdowns
in Week 7 before his BYE. This week the Jets really focus on the run and Plax
returns to fantasy bench land. Five catches for 45 yards with a short touchdown
as he ends the week with 13 points.

Michael Bush RB Oakland Raiders – Okay a lot of owners have added him to either fill
in for Darren McFadden or to take advantage of owners who failed to handcuff
McFadden properly (me included). Well after a 99 yard day with a touchdown
owners like me won’t feel so bad. Tawain Jones steals the show this week and
Bush only has 15.9 points.

Stevie Johnson WR Buffalo Bills – Hello Stevie, it’s your turn to visit Revis Island.
The quick Johnson will give it his best, but three catches for 40 yards and
5.50 will not be enough to make his owners happy.

Vincent Jackson WR San Diego Chargers – Yes he makes
the list again this week. Him and quarterback Phillip Rivers seem out of synch
and a matchup with Charles Woodson of the Packers is probably not the fix the
doctor ordered. I can see him grabbing a touchdown this week, but five catches
and 70 yards may be the extent of his production. 15.5 points falls under the
magic 20 mark.


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