Wynner’s Weekly Fantasy Recap, CJ’s and Beasts – Week Six Edition

Welcome to the Wynner’s Weekly Fantasy CJ’s and Beasts, week six edition. After a one week hiatus, we are back better than ever with a look at the previous week’s fantasy football performers (Beasts) and the soiled their pants non-performers (CJ’s).

Remember, the CJ’s are named for the biggest under-performer of the 2011 fantasy season, Chris Johnson. And the agreement with CJ is on-going until performs up to a top fantasy pick that was likely used to obtain him, currently set at a top three finish among running backs in any single week .

I am a softie and have gone easy on CJ250 by allowing him the criteria to be only running backs, even though he considers himself a “play-maker” and by that self-definition he should have to finish in the top three overall. The problem with that he has no chance in hell of to putting up numbers like that this season. I means have you watched this guy – 5 MPH gusts of wind have brought him crashing to the turf this season. Yeah, it’s that bad.

CJ250 Update Week Six

The good news for fantasy owners of CJ250, is that week six provided the first opportunity to bench CJ250 without fear that he flashback in 2009 and go all CJ2K on us. Much thanks to the bye week for that. Week five saw, inch his way closer to 500 yards for the season, as CJ250 put up a whooping 51 yards, however, he did add his first touchdown, which pushed him over double digit fantasy points for the second consecutive week. Baby steps, CJ, baby steps!

A reminder on the scoring system in use is as follows:

  • touchdowns 6 points;
  • .04 point per yard passing;
  • .1 ppy rushing/receiving;
  • points per receptions – .25 RB/.50 WR/1.00 all others;
  • -1 per int; -3 for int return for TDs;
  • Defenses
    • 3 points for turnovers, 2 for sacks, .02 points per punt return yards, .04 points per KO yards; 3 points for blocked kicks;
    • -.5 point for points allowed; scaled points for yards allowed from 10 for less than 50 yards allowed to -5 for more than 500 yards allowed.

Ok, here are the 10 fantasy CJ’s for week six, players who served their fantasy owners a slice of turd pie al a mode:

  1. Ben Roethlisberger, QB PIT

14.90 Fantasy Points

Position Place: 17th

Start Pct: 68.31%

How do you follow-up a 38 point fantasy effort from the previous week? If you’re “Big Ben” with a very mediocre 15 point performance against a terrible Jaguar team. In fairness to Roethlisberger, I don’t think he threw a pass after halftime – the stat ticker had Ben at 200 yards at halftime, through the third quarter and at the end of the game. I thought the ticker was busted, but it turns out Tomlin felt like 17 points was enough to win. Turns out he was right, barely!

Going forward – I still don’t trust the Steelers offensive line. Ben so far this season has been great once, a little better than average twice and below average three times. This fantasy owner needs more than a coin flip shot that Ben will not be below average. Try to find a trading partner by after this week’s, hopefully excellent, performance against a very shaky Cardinal secondary.


  1. Peyton Hillis, RB CLE

1.4 Fantasy Points

Position Place: 58th

Start Pct: 91.23%

What I need is a tool that will allow me see the percentage of the teams that started Hillis this week that lost their fantasy games. I have to believe the majority lost, right? Allegedly Peyton was injured, though it was first reported as a coach’s decision for him not playing. Either way, he sucked!

Going forward – Hillis is becoming a weekly member of the CJ’s, which means that if CJ250 finds a way into the top 3 one of these weeks, this section of the column will be known as the PHillis’


  1. Ryan Torrain, RB WAS

2.2 Fantasy Points

Position Place: 49th

Start Pct: 70.19%

If you’re a fantasy owner, you have to know better than to trust Mike Shanahan. He is the fantasy devil, created specifically to torture fantasy players far and wide.

Going forward – Unless you own Troyan Heltorwer, your guess is as good as anybody’s who will be productive for the Redskins from week to week.


  1. Jermichael Finley, TE GB

3.0 Fantasy Points

Position Place: 31st

Start Pct: 92.05%

I am not sure how a guy with the physical tools of Finley can be held to 3 fantasy points. But this week, it seems like the perfect storm of Packers weapons and Rams incompetence that caused this unfortunate situation for Finley owners.

Going forward – Too bad fantasy can’t get fantasy points for the number of Tweets in a given week – if that were to happen there is no way Finley would ever find his way on this list.


  1. Felix Jones, RB DAL

3.8 Fantasy Points

Position Place: 40th

Start Pct: 71.84%

It bears another mention – if Felix Jones attending any other college but Arkansas he would not have a starting job in the NFL right now. And this guy can’t go more than a few games without getting hurt and being “questionable” for the upcoming week. I have a feeling Jones is “questionable” in all facets of his life – like will Felix make it to his friend’s birthday party, “Questionable”!

Going forward – Thank goodness at least we have some closure with Felix. He has been downgraded to “Out” and, therefore allow the DeMarco Murray era is about to begin. That is also known as the end of Felix. You want to look like a fantasy genius? Of course you do. Well, here’s how – go pick up the relative obscure Tashard Choice. My money is on Choice having the biggest impact with Felix out, for a couple reasons – 1. He understands the offense and protection schemes much better, so he will be in the game on most passing downs; 2. He is at least in line for 30% of the carries, probably more; and 3. He has been a productive starting NFL running back, his biggest flaw – he didn’t play at Arkansas or in the SEC. Trust me!


  1. Owen Daniels, TE HOU

3.3 Fantasy Points

Position Place: 29th

Start Pct: 76.70%

The question is – why is Daniels ahead of Finely when (a) Daniels out-scored Finley; (b) Daniels was started by fewer owners; and (c) Daniels had the tougher match-up against the Ravens. The answer is all about expectations – the previous three weeks Daniels averaged 17.5 points, while Finley had averaged 8.25 over the last two weeks. Plus, Finley has Greg Jennings and a host of talented play makers to share the load with, while Daniels lost his best play-maker in Andre Johnson.

Going forward – Fluke game for Daniels, he will bounce back to meeting expectations this week.


  1. Vernon Davis, TE SF

2.8 Fantasy Points

Position Place: 33rd

Start Pct: 88.19%

I should’ve known that VD would struggle against those formidable Lions linebackers, led by Bobby Carpenter. Really, Vernon really? The Lions suck against the tight end – Witten, Winslow and Schiancoe tore them up. Hell, even Kellen Davis had his best fantasy game against them.

Going forward – Two shots of penicillin and VD is good to go.


  1. Eli Manning, QB NYG

11.58 Fantasy Points

Position Place: 22nd

Start Pct: 68.24%

This was more of a fluke than Eli truly sucking. Eli still had a reasonable game, but you have to believe the salivating 68.24 percent were terribly disappointed with Eli’s final fantasy number.

Going forward – Eli is inconsistent, but the Giants defense is bad enough that Eli will be put in a position to throw. I can see Eli going top 7 QB from here on out.

  1. Victor Cruz, WR NYG

2.20 Fantasy Points

Position Place: 74th

Start Pct: 90.65%

Oh gosh, talk about the bait and switch move – like I showed up at the electronics store thinking I was going to get the new 3D 65 inch TV for $899, but when I got there it was sold out and somehow I left with a 30-inch tube for the same price. That’s what Victor did to over 90 percent of fantasy owners this week.

Going forward – Victor is the 4th option on this team, so play him with caution


  1. Roddy White, WR ATL

3.1 Fantasy Points

Position Place: 69th

Start Pct: 97.16%

Quietly, Roddy is having one of the 2011’s bigger bust seasons – 34 rec, 373 yards and 2 TD are simply not top five WR numbers.

Going forward – He’s gone from a “buy low” to a “proceed with extreme caution” status. Take a flier on him, but you cannot give up anything substantial at this point.


Let’s all give a standing ovation to the top 10 fantasy beasts for week six. Each is categorized in either a “Bust”, one week wonder; or “Boom”, look for this player to continue dropping bombs like a Labrador after help themselves to the family pantry:

  1. Billy Cundiff, PK BAL

20.90 Fantasy Points

Position Place: 1st

Start Pct: 72.11%

I have a few “rules to live by” – one of them is if a kicker scores over 20 fantasy points it is an automatic berth in the weekly Beasts section. But remember it’s still a kicker; next week Flacco won’t suck ass in the red zone and Cundiff will be kicking extra points – Bust.


  1. Brent Celek, TE PHI

14.2 Fantasy Points

Position Place: 8th

Start Pct: 14.63%

I had no idea Brent Celek was still playing NFL football until I saw him turn one of the easiest catches in the world into a SportsCenter Top 10 plays of the day. And would you look at that, Celek finished in the top 10 at his position rewarding the 14.63 percent of owners who haven’t changed their lineup since 2009. Bust, too many other weapons on that team for me to take this game seriously.


  1. Chicago DT, Def

19.7 Fantasy Points

Position Place: 2nd

Start Pct: 81.66%

How does it feel, Chicago, to have the remaining teams on the Vikings schedule hate you? That’s right, the Bears are responsible for ending the Donovan McNabb era in Minnesota, now the remaining teams on the schedule will have to scheme for an accurate quarterback.


Just how bad has the Bears defense been this season, you ask? The 19.7 points scored this week is more than their previous games combined. Bust, sadly for them there are no more games against McNabb left on the schedule


  1. Dallas Clark, TE IND

17.3 Fantasy Points

Position Place: 4th

Start Pct: 31.01%

Clark, is another player left for dead who had a big game this weekend. While I think it’s a little unfair to label Clark a Bust going forward, I would advise selling him high, like right now!


  1. Rashard Mendenhall, RB PIT

20.6 Fantasy Points

Position Place: 5th

Start Pct: 58.44%

I am sure you have heard of the “Curse of 370” – where a running back either gets hurt or is a complete bust the year after accumulating excess of 370 touches. Well, apparently the way you break the curse is by sitting out a week with a hamstring injury while watching backups accumulate big yards against a tough defense. I haven’t seen the burst Mendenhall showed on Sunday for quite some time. He’s back, damn the “Curse of 370”, Boom!

  1. NY Jets DT, Def

24.14 Fantasy Points

Position Place: 1st

Start Pct: 96.48%

Here is a message I received late in the Jets/Dolphins game – “I freakin need the Dolphins to gain 5 more stinkin’ yards without turning the ball over and find a way to protect the quarterback or I am going to lose two fantasy games because of the Jets defense.” Well, the Dolphins got the five yards, but on the last three plays of the game they went sack-incompletion-sack to give the victory to my buddies’ opponent.


The Jets were the benefactors of playing the Dolphins, and when coupled with “let ’em play in the secondary” refs that allowed the Jets to manhandle receivers that greatly exaggerates the Jets defensive effectiveness for this one game. Still, they’re one of the top fantasy defenses in the league. Boom!


  1. Marcus Colston, WR NOS

21.3 Fantasy Points

Position Place: 2nd

Start Pct: 79.11%

Colston was the New Orleans WR flavor of the week. Translation, expect more 3-30’s than 21.3 point games. Bust.


  1. Devin Hester, WR Chi

23.6 Fantasy Points

Position Place: 1st

Start Pct: 42.97%

I am almost certain the following went through the mind of a fantasy owner playing against Devin Hester this week. “Whew, I survived Brady this afternoon, now I just need to avoid the 20 point game from Devin Hester to get a win.” {Falls on the floor, laughing his ass off}. “Who is laughing now, punk!” – Devin Hester. Bust. Though he will have one more game like this one, probably against me, since I just jinxed it.


  1. Michael Turner, RB ATL

26.95 Fantasy Points

Position Place: 2nd

Start Pct: 97.79%

Hmm, no Julio Jones this past week and Michael Turner goes off. Coincidence? I think not. The Falcons have spent the first month of the season justifying giving up the farm to draft Jones, which means they have gotten away from their identity – running the football with a guy who has barrels of oil for thighs. Since Jones will be back shortly, I would sell Turner high. Bust.


  1. Ahmad Bradshaw, RB NYG

31.90 Fantasy Points

Position Place: 1st

Start Pct: 92.90%

Finally, Ahmad Bradshaw had a fantasy breakout game after, what, like four years? Congrats Ahmad, but let’s be realistic, it was someone of a fluke. All three of Bradshaw’s touchdowns featured receivers getting tackled inside the five. One was a reversed touchdown call and the other two were long passes where the receiver was caught and tackled at the last possible moment to keep them out of the end zone. I hate throwing a wet blanket on the day, but I cannot see Ahmad with many more 20+ point games. Still serviceable, but again his value is at a peak – trade him for an Arian Foster-type. Or a Chris Johnson, seriously, Johnson about to go off, honestly, it’s a good deal, trust me! Bust


Colin Wynner calls fantasy winners, and losers!

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