2011 NFL Week Six Fantasy Football – Diamonds and Not So Rough

It’s time for Week 6 edition of my
Diamonds and Not So Rough column. Looking back at Week 5 it was not a good week
for my Diamonds, but a great week for my Not So Rough players. Only one of my
Diamonds hit the 15 point mark, while all five of My Not So Rough players
scored under 20 points.

Week 5 Diamonds (20% wins):

  • Willis McGahee a near miss at 14.50 points
  • Greg Olsen only had 11.10 points
  • Mark Sanchez was my only hit at 18.64 points
  • Julio Jones was injured but before the injury only managed 3.8 points
  • Mario Manningham came in at a lowly and disappointing 8.10 points

Week 5 Not So Rough (100% wins):

  • Cedric Benson was held to 5.30 points so that was an easy pick
  • Stevie Johnson only checked in at 5.40 points so another easy winner
  • Maurice Jones-Drew did score a TD but was held to 14.50 points
  • Brandon Lloyd had a great catch but it was his only one as he had 2.50 points
  • Beanie Wells had a TD, but only 12.00 points

As a reminder, the scoring system I will use to grade my performance is this:

  • All touchdowns 6 points
  • .04 point per yard passing
  • .1 per yard for rushing/receiving,
  • points per receptions > .25 RB/.50 WR/1.00 all others;
  • -1 per interception
  • -3 for interception return for TDs (also known as pick sixes).

Also to remind the readers for the Diamonds I’m looking for a 60% success ratio and I’m looking for the same 60% for the Not So Rough players. A Diamond must score at least 15 points in the scoring system listed above while a Not So Rough player must score under 20 to be considered a success.

So without further adieu here are my Week 6 picks for Diamonds:

James Jones WR Green Bay Packers – He had a breakout game last week against the Falcons defense and this week he has the juicy Rams secondary on
the menu to keep it rolling. 6 catches for 120 yards and a TD or 21 points.

Greg Olsen TE Carolina Panthers – Yes I will give him another chance this week against a Falcons secondary that can be torched by a read hot Cam Newton. 5 catches for 90 yards and a TD or 20 points.

Colt McCoy QB Cleveland Browns – Again, I’m not saying to bench Aaron Rodgers for him but if you have BYE week QB blues start him confidently against a weak Raiders secondary. Sure the Raiders will be fired up for the Al Davis home game tribute but it won’t stop McCoy from throwing for 250 yards and 2 TDs or 22 points plus another 30 yards or 3 points for rushing the ball.

Michael Crabtree WR San Francisco 49ers – A name I even despise typing, but he is matched up with the Lions secondary and fellow WR Josh Morgan is on Injured Reserve. The Lions may blow out the 49ers this week meaning Alex Smith may have to throw, throw and throw again. 5 catches, 88 yards and a garbage time TD or 17.30 points.

Shonn Greene RB New York Jets – Greene showed signs of life last weekagainst New England and I look for him to keep it rolling Monday night against the Dolphins defense. I see another 120 total yards, 3 catches and a rushing TD. In our scoring system that breaks down to 18.75 points.

Now for the Not So Roughs:

Brandon Marshall WR Miami Dolphins – People will rate him highly coming off the BYE week but he has two things going against him this week – he faces Revis Island coverage and he has Matt Moore at QB. Here is a quarter, call Steve Smith of
the Panthers and ask him how well his career took off with Matt Moore at QB. 5 catches for 60 yards and no scores or 8.50 points.

Reggie Wayne WR Indianapolis Colts – Wayneis not going to enjoy his matchup with the Bengals secondary this week plus QB Curtis Painter seems to only have eyes for WR Pierre Garcon. 5 catches for 75 yards with no scores or 10.00 points in our scoring system.

Maurice Jones-Drew RB Jacksonville Jaguars – Not it’s not that I don’t like MJD, it’s just that he is matched against an improving Steelers defense. Look for him to post similar numbers to last week. 100 total yards, but this time without the TD. 10 points puts him on this list.

Arian Foster RB Houston Texans – Yes, Foster has bounced back nicely from the hamstring problems but this week it’s the very tough Ravens defense and not the Raiders. I still see Foster rushing for 70 and catching passes for another 30. Adding in a TD gets him close to 20 but with 4 catches he’s in at 17 which is less that our goal of 20 this week.

DeSean Jackson WR Philadelphia Eagles – Jackson had a very nice Week 5 against the Bills, but the Redskins defense is better against the pass than the Bills. DeSean ripped the Redskins apart last year, but not in this game. The Redskins
have had a week to prepare for Jackson and prepared they will be. 4 catches 80 yards and a TD or 16 points.

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