2011 MLB Playoffs – NCLS Prediction

NLCS – St. Louis Cardinals vs. Milwaukee Brewers

It is good to see the Central representing baseball! As with most teams in the same division they’re natural rivals without much love lost between the two. Of course, more often than not the hatred is more a creation of media-hype than true bad blood. That is not the case with the Cardinals and Brewers, they really hate each other.

Whether it’s Nyjer Morgan, aka Tony Plush, cussing out Chris Carpenter while whoipping a wad of chew at him or Morgan tweeting taunts to the Cardinals that they should watching the Brewers in the post-season, this series is filled with more sub-plots than a season of Survivor.

Of course, it doesn’t that when confronted with the opportunity to eliminate the Cardinals from contention, the Brewers lost 6 of 7 to keep them alive. The Brewers might regret not killing the Cardinals when they had the chance.

The Brewers have the home field, which will make a difference if the Brewers can find a way to close it out in six. If this series goes seven, the Cardinals win with Carpenter on the mound.

It’s just Wisconsin’s time (Packers, Brewers, Badgers? and Packers?). . .

Pick: Milwaukee 4-2

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