2011 NLDS – Brewers and Diamondbacks

Arizona @ Milwaukee NLDS Prediction

Starting Pitching – This is going to be a great series, too bad only 25,000 people will see games three and four, come on D-Backs fan get on the bandwagon.

The Brewers top two starters, Yovani Gallardo and Zach Greinke wash with the D-Backs top two, Ian Kennedy (did you know Kennedy won 21 games this season, me neither!) and Daniel Hudson. The advantage for the Brewers comes in their third and fourth starters, Marcum and Wolf who easily out-distance two of Collmenter, Saunders and Miley.

Edge – Brewers

Relief Pitching – While Axford causes Brewers fan to drink (hilarious, like the Brewers fan needs an excuse to drink), Putz (seriously it’s pronounced Pootz, come on, man, it’s Putz, like you’re a Putz) is far from a Rolaids-free closer. I trust Axford just a bit more, so I give a slight advantage to the Brewers. A bigger advantage is gained by the Brewers with the rest of the bullpen, they have a former closer as their 8th inning pitcher in K-Rod while the D-Backs counter with David Hernandez. In addition, the depth of the Brewer pen is superior to the D-Backs.

Edge – Brewers

Offensive Intangibles – The Brewers firepower is far superior to the D-Backs. Fielder, Braudn, Weeks, Hart and Morgan versus Justin Upton and, uh, uh, Miguel Montero. Not really that close!

Edge – Brewers

Finish –Brewers, 35-15. D-Backs, 32-18. Not a clear advantage. One thing that is very clear is that we have the eight best teams in the playoffs, every single team in the playoffs took care of business when it mattered most.

Edge – Even

Managers – This is the one category where the D-Backs have a significant advantage – Kirk Gibson is is bordering on supernatural with what he has done with this team. It is truly, truly remarkable to win the division with that rag-tag bunch. Some guys are just destined to be successful in whatever they do, Gibby is one of them. He’s fiery guy who probably early on got in the faces of a few players to send a message early and then he merely had to give “that look”, you know the “look”.

Ron Roenicke is a fine manager, but in this series he is a little like showing up to an awards show wearing a solid outfit, but you just happen to arrive at the same time as Halle Berry. Forget about it.

Edge – D-Backs

Anti-Yankee bias – Uh, neither team can beat the Yankees. Therefore, I have to go with the least threatening team to the Phillies . . .

Edge – D-Backs

Prediction – Brewers 3 D-backs 2


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