NFL 2011 Week One Picks – Thursday Night Edition

New Orleans @ Green Bay (-4.0) – I have to admit that during the lockout I was actually hoping that somehow these morons would allow this billion dollar industry to fail. Of course, the lockout was nothing more than a Hollywood screenplay – it was always going to end happily! And now football is back! Colin is pumped and ready to provide numerous winners for his numerous, avid followers.

I feel a little like a junky this year, not only did I agree to three fantasy leagues, but I have the following football: four handicapping contests, two survivor pools and weekly pick the winner pool. However, the most important, by far, of these is the weekly Wynners’ Household contest that features Me (Colin) and my oldest two daughters, Juana and Megan. Believe me I would rather sleep on asphalt in the middle of a 115 degree Las Vegas day, than lose either of those two. But little do they know – I have been secretly training for the last six weeks, a la Rocky heading to Russia and training with whatever he could find laying around Siberia in Rocky IV. Let’s just hope this ends better than Rocko turning into a slobbering pre-schooler.

On to the game, it’s quite simple the defending Super Bowl champ is 8-1-1 ATS in the last ten NFL kickoff games. In the Thursday night openers, the champ is 5-1-1, with only the 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers failing to cover. And I have two images burned into my mind – 1. Roman Harper, Saints S, getting torched by Matt Hasselbeck (you know, the same Matt Hasselbeck who was jettisoned from Seattle for Tavaris Jackson); and 2. Marshawn Lynch’s “What do you mean, you don’t have my money!” pimp-slapping of Tracy Porter.

My guess is the lockout coupled with an additional year of age hasn’t benefited Harper. As to Porter, my guess is he spent most of the lockout in therapy for victims of violent crimes. Has it helped, time will tell but if he sees Jermichael Finley coming at him, I expect he will get off the “tracks”.

Pick: Green Bay 27 New Orleans 17

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